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What Our Client Says

“ Going into drivers-ed was a scary thought for me, but Sam made the virtual part of the course interesting and fun. He offered a lot of information perfect for a new driver in a fun and manageable way. My in car lessons were with Mohammad and he was amazing to work with. He was always calm while driving and provided me with more knowledge on driving then I could've ever imagined. I wrote my G2 license today and passed on my first round. I can successfully thank the teachers at Driverzed for all the knowledge I was granted, plus all the in car tips and tricks to allow me to drive. Thank you to Sam and Mohammad for the constant support throughout this process!...”
Alexandra Boglevsky
“ I had mohamad as a intructor hes the best intructor by far! and i recommed him to everyone! he is a awesome intructor and has provided me with many great tips to driving he has made me very confident while driving on the road....”
Ryan Draper
“ was a great school to learn how to drive. The lessons in class were fun, engaging, and very informative. The lessons in car were very professional and extremely helpful. Mohammed was a fantastic driving instructor as he was very patient, honest, and was great at accommodating schedules. Would highly recommend to future drivers!...”
Giuliana D'Oria
“ When it comes to drivers education, DriverZed is the best program London has to offer. I felt Sam was an amazing teacher who was easy to talk to, and I think he did an excellent job emphasizing the importance of being responsible behind the wheel. DriverZed has a reputation for preparing new drivers for their G2 tests better then other drivers education programs in London, and after partaking in their program it is easy for me to see why....”
Jordan Warner
“ DriverZed was great! The in-class portion was great for really learning how important safe and defensive driving is. I have had a fantastic experience with all members of the team - Alicia, Sam, and Matt have been phenomenal. In-car lesson was awesome - the instructor was super helpful with explaining things to me a bit extra when I needed him to, they are good if you have anxiety about and during driving. I would highly recommend this school to anyone seeking drivers education :) I am glad I took this course - safe and defensive driving is so important!...”
Jill Shea
“ I could not be any more grateful than to have chosen Driverzed after having a less than pleasant experience with a different driving school. Sam is an exceptional driving instructor who has helped me with strengthening both my confidence and technique as a driver. Sam's beloved at the test centres. He's taught most of the examiners kids and inside staff as well, which should come as no surprise as he truly is the best at what he does. I would recommend him to any family members or friends of mine.Thank you so much Sam!...”
“ WOAH!!! Best driving instructor I've ever had. Sam is is kind and has a very informative and down to earth teaching style. This place is especially great if you are a nervous driver. Great price...great service! Got my G no problems with his help. Thanks a ton!!...”
Cory Smith
“ Drivers Zed is by far worth every penny. Not only is the information presented in a easy to understand manor your teacher will definitely make a positive impression. Price is reasonable and they're willing to negotiate to work with your specific needs not to mention the beutiful office environment making the hours fly through humor and comfort. I would definitely reccomend drivers zed to anyone looking at drivers education. Its the most reasonable, best priced, and most entertaining way to learn in London. Guaranteed. Would do again....”
Julian Vines
“ Amazing Driving school! Sam is hillarious and made in-class enjoyable! I had Matt as an in car instructor. Matt was Great!!! Made driving eazy! Would definitly Recomend! If you decide to take drivers zed ask for Matt as an instructor!!...”
Kevin Campbell
“ I love this school, Sam has to be the best teacher and person i have ever met. Sam makes me actually want to come to class everyday and i miss showing up. Sam can bring A LOT of resourceful and knowledgeable life experiences to the classroom and express them in a way that i love. He isn't afraid to preach what he believes and also listen to what the classroom have to say (he also insists that you call him whenever for any question that you have which is very nice) . His classroom is set up nicely, big comfy chairs, huge screen that shows his power point slides, and a comfortable temperature. I definitely will keep in touch with Sam throughout my life and if i could rate this 6/5 stars i would. If you are thinking about going here or undecided about where to go, make this place you're #1. Good job Sam!...”
Lazar Kukolj
“ I have had great experiences with Driverzed. The instructors are professional, patient, and consistent with what they teach. I was able to easily pass my G2 and G road tests with their help. I felt safe and supported during the in car lessons, and the in class portion is fun and informative....”
Steph Clark
“ I was never confident with my driving ability and never had any real practice leading up to my G2 road test, But after 5 hours in car with Sam I felt like I could ace it in my sleep. His relaxed, no pressure, real world teaching style and funny ways to get you to remember steps will have you relaxed and confident in your own ability. I am proud to say I passed my G2 the very first attempt and have Sam to thank for it. Looking forward to seeing you before my G road test Sam...”
John McCarty
“ I cannot speak highly enough of this business. I had taken a refresher in-car lesson a few years ago and also used their car for the G2 driving test, and had a great experience. I had Sam as my instructor, and he put me right at ease and definitely increased my confidence and skill in handling the vehicle and the components of the test. This time around, I was going for my G road test and again took a refresher lesson and used the car and had requested to have Sam as the instructor again. He was very encouraging and gave a lot of useful counsel. It is clear he is very experienced in the field and runs his business with excellent ethics. He is very honest and straightforward and provides a top-notch service consistently and skilfully. He (and the company) went above and beyond to help me to obtain the test successfully, and made what can be a stressful time into a positive experience. I highly recommend Driverzed for anyone who wants to take Driverzed. They do their best in accommodating schedules, ensure they have excellent instructors, and the instruction you receive is thorough and equips you very well for whatever level you are at. They don’t require more lessons than they think you need and provide very helpful feedback. The whole experience highly exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Sam and Driverzed!...”
Sara Q
“ I loved every minute of it and learned so much! The instructors are very helpful and know their stuff!...”
“ Sam, I wish to express my appreciation to you for the attention you’ve given Eric in preparing for his G licence.  I suspect that, given the short notice, you likely inconvenienced yourself in order to do another in-car lesson with him prior to his exam.  Thank you for that.  I’d like to mention as well that I found Alicia in your office excellent to deal with. All three of my children very much enjoyed their driver education experience with you.  I don’t recall how we came to choose you – just very glad that we did.  These first years of driving for each of them have proved successful and much of the credit for that I attribute to you....”