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30 Apr 2018
  • Last Updated Monday, 30 April 2018 at 07:34:05 PM

Every driver has a different style of conducting themselves on the road. Some are extra careful and religiously employ the use of indicators, blind spots, mirrors, and lights. On the other hand, some careless drivers possess the tendency to speed up at the sight of yellow light. Similarly, the amount of time and methods used to acquire appropriate skills for the road vary amongst people.

Some students pick up on driving skills and road mannerisms in a few lessons, while it takes others more extended hours and a few attempts to ace their tests. A good driving instructor who can provide you with clear guidelines, pay attention to all your movements, and encourages you to fix your shortcomings can make the process speedy and rewarding.

After successfully passing the written test, it’s crucial to find a good driving instructor. There are plenty of driving schools available to provide you with instructors, which is why extensive research must be conducted while picking a good teacher.

A badge of approved driving instructor (ADI) or a trainee must be the primary requirement for signing up with a particular instructor. Numerous people around us have learned how to drive, thus, having a good instructor recommended to us is easy.

A trial is also a useful method of researching. Feeling confident, supported and safe on the road is essential, which is why if you are at a lack of comfort with an instructor you must switch to another instructor that will suffice your learning needs.

A punctual and reliable instructor is also a requirement. The professional should come on time and not double book or cancel appointments on short notice. Learning to drive any vehicle is costly and the scheduled lessons should be worth every penny. Sticking to an instructor who is not efficient and professionally consistent can prolong the process of learning.

The theory preparation of the written test should be applied while learning how to drive. It is important to remember all the rules, signs and safety hazards that were acquired.

It is normal to get anxious on the day of your test since you've spent hours preparing for the examination and want to succeed on the first go.

There are some things you can do to ensure ease of nerves. Booking the road test during a week that doesn’t consist of important events and tasks will alleviate stress. Get good rest on the night before the test to maximize attentiveness. Visualize yourself passing the test and keep in mind that your instructor approving your test date is an indication that you’re driving skills are ready for analysis. Book the test at an earlier hour which helps you avoid sitting around and worrying. Also reach the test center 20-25 minutes early, so you're not in a hurry.

The most important thing to remember is everyone learns at their own pace. In case you are not successful at the first attempt, take a couple more lessons and you are sure to succeed.

Located in London Ontario, Driver Zed has been providing Londoners with effective driving lessons to prepare them in road etiquette and safety. All their instructors are fully licensed and equipped with experience in teaching new drivers how to drive.

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