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03 Oct 2019
  • Last Updated Thursday, 03 October 2019 at 04:57:52 PM

The G2 and G driving test is one of the most all-important examinations of an individual’s life. Passing the test ensures you obtain your driver’s license and, based on the regulations per license, are able to drive independently. It’s expected for individuals that are preparing for the driving assessment to thoroughly study and practice prior to the test day. Driving school courses, especially our programs at DriverZed, prepare each of our students with the knowledge and training required to pass. However, the individual itself has to be ready!

DriverZed has comprised a list of the top four common mistakes made on the driving test and how you can avoid them:

1. Lacking Concentration and Feeling Nervous

With any assessment, nervousness and stress are fairly common emotional responses. However, both emotions can affect the confidence and competence of a driver and result in them failing the test. It’s imperative that the individual has at least eight hours rest the night prior, healthy and substantial breakfast the day of and most importantly, ample practice. During the exam itself, focus on your driving and every detail you’ve learned instead of what the examiner is doing. Always listen to the examiner’s instructions insightfully and even if you make a mistake, actively correct it and proceed.

2. Not Practicing Enough

Practice makes perfect, always! For individuals that have taken driving lessons with an instructor from DriverZed, they’ve instantly increased the likelihood of passing the road test. Our professional driving instructors thoroughly prepare students with in-class studies, and car training prior to the test to boost your confidence and safety skills. Our experienced instructors will always point out any bad habits that need correcting and can result in a failure on the road test. 

3. Not Actively Checking Your Mirrors and Blind Spots

Driving school instructors consistently emphasize the importance of checking your side mirrors and rear mirrors. Failing to actively and obviously check your mirrors every five to seven seconds while driving will result in a failure. You also must ensure you’re checking your blind spot every time you pull onto the road and switching or merging lanes. It’s also crucial that you are looking in the direction that you’re switching into and looking over your shoulder to the rearview mirror.

4. Failing to Give The Right of Way

Intersections can be difficult, that’s why DriverZed instructors take their student drivers on various road types, including stopping at intersections. Failing to give the right vehicle their right of way and instead of pulling in front of them will result in an instant failure of the road test. You must be aware of the “Yield the Right of Way” rules prior to the test and apply them during the road exam.

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