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13 Dec 2019
  • Last Updated Friday, 13 December 2019 at 08:28:05 PM

The winter season is wonderful to look at, but certainly less than desirable to drive on! Winter roads are hazardous, from slippery roads to frozen windshields and cold temperatures inside your car, it pays to be extra cautious and responsible on the road. New winter drivers are especially vulnerable to making easily avoidable bad habits on the road. These bad habits can be dangerous for both yourself, your passengers and the other drivers and pedestrians around you. DriverZed driving school in London teaches you how to expertly avoid these mistakes and be a defensive winter driver.

Make your winter commutes smooth and safe this season by avoiding these four bad winter driving habits.

Mistake #1: Using All-Season Or Summer Tires

Winter driving needs winter tires! The most dangerous and easily avoidable habit to avoid is overlooking your seasonal tire change and using your summer or all-season tires all winter long. Summer and all-season tires are absolutely unequipped to handle the harsh conditions of winter and put you at risk every time you drive with them on. Summer tires can cause bad braking and handling when they become cold and driving with them on even an extremely thin layer of ice can weaken them significantly. The first step to winterizing your vehicle is having those all-seasons replaced with winter tires.

Mistake #2: Neglecting Your Vehicle’s Tire Pressure

As snowflakes fall and temperatures dip, so does your tire pressure! It’s imperative to your winter driving safety and success to keep your tire at the correct air pressure to ensure they function optimally all winter long. During each month of the chilly season, your tire pressure is estimated to decrease by one to two pounds. Be proactive and check your tire pressure in advance and as frequently as possible. During the winter season, purchase a gauge to check the tire pressure whenever you desire.

Mistake #3: Warming Up Your Car For Too Long

No one likes to start their morning commute off in an icebox! However, starting your car and having it warm up and idle for an extended period of time can cause damage to your vehicle’s spark plugs and consume gas. As tempting as it may be to have your car heat up while you finish up that coffee, you could be creating future vehicle problems for yourself.

Mistake #4: Pressing Hard on the Brakes and Ice Overcorrecting

Skidding on ice can trigger some anxiety in new drivers which makes them want to halt the brakes immediately. Slamming on the vehicle’s brakes and turning the steering wheel can result in your car skidding completely out of control. Having a driving lesson with one of our driving instructors in London will teach you how to prepare and handle driving on ice to avoid skidding.

At DriverZed, our experienced and well-trained driving instructors offer comprehensive, informative and fun driving lessons in London. With a variety of driving packages, we are committed to offering driving services that meet everyone’s needs. Contact us today to register for one of our courses!