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04 Nov 2021
  • Last Updated Wednesday, 17 November 2021 at 10:24:00 AM

Buses are always on the road and whether it’s city buses, tour buses or school buses, all drivers are expected to share the road and to follow the regulations that apply. In order to safely share the road with buses, there are a number of rules that must be followed and here are just a few:

Following distances

Buses are larger in size than other types of vehicles and seeing around them can be hard because their large size can block your vision. In order to prevent this from happening, you must leave the appropriate distance between your vehicle and the bus. Following too closely is very dangerous as you will not be able to see what is happening in front of that car and the chances are the bus driver will not even know you are there because being too close will prevent your car from being visible.

Right of way

It is very important to remain vigilant when driving near buses and to watch for indications of what the bus intends to do. Different types of buses have different signals and school buses, for example, are equipped with amber lights at the top on both the front and back that flash alternatively whenever passengers are getting on or off the bus. A stop sign may extend from the driver’s side of the bus in addition to the flashing lights to indicate that children will be getting on or off, which lets drivers in all directions and lanes know they must stop until the bus driver indicates that it is safe to proceed. Public transit buses have different rules and drivers are permitted to continue to travel past this type of bus, even if they are stopped and their indicator light is flashing. You must maintain a safe speed and look out for pedestrians and must always be very careful whenever you are driving near any type of bus.

Road markings and signs

Buses sometimes have their own reserved lanes or share them with other approved vehicles, so you need to keep an eye out for these signs, which normally have a white background and black details. They will be displayed either above or beside lanes that have a painted white diamond within them. Knowing what each sign entails will help you drive with caution because you will know when to be careful as certain hours of the day see heavier traffic and more pedestrians, children and buses, which is why it is very important to drive safely.

These are just a few bus safety tips and will teach you everything you need to know so that you become a confident and safe driver. We are located in London, Ontario, and our driving school is the perfect place to learn how to drive. The lessons that our driving instructors provide will ensure that you are ready for the road, so give us a call now!