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Driving School Courses - London, ON

Full Certificate Course

*Course dates and prices are subject to change without notice. Should a course be canceled all students registered will be notified.
*Minimum number of students required to run a course: 10
*Students have one year to complete their course! Past 12 months we cannot certify a student and the student thereby forfeits their certification as well as any remaining in class and in-car lessons.
Date / Title Location Days Time Register
E Learning London Learn At Your Own Pace N/A Register
Feb 6,7,20,21- ZOOM London 2 Weekend 10am-3:30pm Register
Feb 16,17,18,19- READING WEEK London 4 Day 3:30pm-8:30pm Register
Mar 15,16,17,18- MARCH BREAK London 4 Days 10am-3:30pm Register
Mar 15,16,17,18 - AYLMER St Thomas 4 Days 10am-3:30pm Register