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People just don't get it... 

Driving is a lifelong learning process and requires effort to improve. One must be conscientious about the real life costs in lives, injuries and the trauma of collision. We are not invincible and we can’t forget that. It only takes seconds for lives to be altered or completely extinguished.

Slow down!! Drive according to the conditions. You and I over estimate our driving skills, this is not like the movies and we’re not on an episode of Fear Factor either. People in this city drive like animals. London is rated one of the worst driving cities in Canada. The police do great work, but we need officers to write more tickets for just plain terrible and aggressive drivers. When people don’t suffer consequences for their poor driving choices it reinforces what they are doing.

In closing, SLOW DOWN in slippery conditions. No one likes you tailgating period, but especially when roads are snow covered. When someone is turning in front of you lift off the gas or brake and leave lots of room. No one wants to feel pressured to turn faster then they want to. Look ahead, far ahead! Identify risk, predict worst case, decide what you will do and do it.

Sam Qazi- President of